African American Custom Selfie doll

Custom Selfie Doll

Have a custom made doll replica designed after you or your loved ones!
Send me a few whole figure photos and a portrait of yourself, your friends, love or family and I will have you and them dollified! :)

The base price includes: one 30 cm (12 inch) tall doll, with clothing (max. 2 garment) that you can specify in detail.

Creating the dolls takes about 4-6 weeks from the time I receive the photographs. You will receive a mock up plan of the doll before the actual sewing beings, so that you can check and confirm.
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About the Artisan


My name is Magdi and I live in Budapest (Hungary). I'm an art doll maker, and my specialty is the custom requested personalised dolls, caricature dolls. I started my shop in 2013, all of my creatures reflecting my individuality. I create the designs, the pattern and then I sew the dolls in two sizes. Based on real people and their photos, my custom-made "Selfie Dolls” are 30 cm sized fabric dolls (approximately 12 inches)....

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