"Another Story"

This is one a small series of woven tapestries where Fiona explores the idea of transition and change through a fantasy landscape inspired by children's fairy tales and Scandinavian folk art.

Handwoven in cotton, linen and jute.

The tapestry is unique and measures H:21cm x W:28cm and is signed and framed in beech wood measuring H:30cm x W:40cm

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About the Artisan

Fiona Rutherford Textile Art

Fiona Rutherford works from her home basedstudio in Edinburgh. In the early 70’s Fiona visited Crete where the local women still did the weaving at home on simple wooden looms. She was fascinated and a life long career in weaving began. Fiona uses the historical Gobelins technique to create woven tapestries for contemporary interiors. Using mainly cotton and linen yarns she weaves her designs by hand at an upright frame loom. Vivid colours and...

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