Bay & Fyfe

Bay & Fyfe is a creative concept label based in Sydney, Australia. We collaborate with artists to create treasured pieces of wearable art and homewares. Each collaboration from Bay & Fyfe is a labour of love. We bring together superb quality to create limited edition collections that are only produced once. Their coveted collections stand out with their edgy prints and off-beat colour palettes.

Baye & Fyfe use the best quality silk for their scalves.  It even took them 7 months to find the right type of silk to use!

Their scalves can easily be wall mounted in a frame or on a canvas. If you would love one of these, and would like us to offer this service, email us on info@homeofartisans.com and tell us the scarf you would like to frame and your location. We will follow up with the artisans and have this shipped direct to you. 

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