At Chilpa we believe in quality design made by people who get a fair price for their work.

We fell in love with rebozos because they combine centuries' old techniques with contemporary design. We hope you will too!

Chilpa's rebozos are 100% cotton, handmade and exported from Tenancingo, a town 90km outside of Mexico City and one of the last places where rebozos are still made by hand.

Chilpa works with 4 local artisans, Socorro, Luis, Adolfo and Maria Luz, who in turn work with up to 10 people to produce each rebozo. Every rebozo is named after its producer.

It's a 12 step process to make a rebozo. In order to create the white specks on certain rebozos, the cotton threads are tied and then dyed in organic dyes. Once dried, the ties are removed, leaving the cotton underneath white. A single rebozo may require up to 1,000 knots. The large rebozos have a thread count of 5,000 threads. There are two main parts to the rebozo, made independently of each other, the cloth (body) is normally made by men and the ends are knotted by women. This makes each rebozo unique and a true work of art.

2% of all the profits go towards a fund established to preserve this nearly extinct art.

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