Cluster 3 Vitro Lux

A five pendent glass cluster that has a simplified language to the COLLECT range. The glass bodies in conturax and coloured glass expand to five sizes of glass spheres. This aids with the positioning when the glass is suspended from the ceiling.

The grey, teal, green and violet glass colours are elevated with gold cables. 


Borosilicate glass, 5 E14 Brass lamp holder, brass ceiling rose and gold flex cable. 


Width: 7.5cm, 9 cm, 10.5 cm, and 12 cm, 13cm

Height: 32.5cm, 34cm, 34cm, 35.5cm, 38cm 




Made to order

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Sarah Colson

Sarah Colson Ltd was founded in January 2014. The studio explores making the ordinary extraordinary by elevating the potential of objects and materials. The focus is to create visions and experiences of beauty. Projects pay homage to unusual selections of materials and colours; their origins and aesthetics are defined by their detail. Collaborations with an increasing variety of crafts people as well as utilizing their knowledge for industrial processes, allows the outcomes to evolve...

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