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Customer FAQs

Why shop with Home of Artisans?

By shopping with Home of Artisans, we guarantee that the products you find will be handmade using a particular method of craftsmanship. We also commit to selecting artisans and product items that are of a limited supply, so you can be confident you are giving a unique and beautiful gift or creating a unique space within your own home.

Not only this, but by shopping with Home of Artisans, you are supporting a network of artisans... which ultimately helps us in our mission of keeping the traditions of craftsmanship alive from a variety of cultures. We and our artisans thank you for your support.

Where will my order be delivered from?

All orders will be sent from the artisans' warehouse or studio. This saves you time, and cost, as well as helping the environment by reducing the amount of transportation of goods.

What if I order from multiple artisans?

Like other e-commerce stores that have multiple suppliers, any orders placed from different suppliers within one order will mean that those items will be delivered separately. Each artisan delivers from their warehouse or studio.

For further details on deliveries, please click here.

How can I return my purchase?

Home of Artisans allows customers to return their purchases, as long as it is within 28 days of the order placement.

Please get in touch with us at info@homeofartisans.com if there is something that isn't quite right with your order. Some items on our website are more difficult to deliver than others, and our artisans are located all over the world, so we would need to discuss this with you individually.

Artisan FAQs

If I fill in the ‘application / sign up form’ online, am I obliged to join?

Not at all. Once you regsiter, we will be in touch within 48 hours. You have all of the choice whether or not to go ahead.

Is there a membership fee to become an Artisan of HoA?

No, we do not charge our Artisans an ongoing membership fee. We are here to support our Artisans and keep the traditions of craftsmanship alive. As such, we will simply take a small commission fee (%) from each sale.

Can you review my application without photographs of my products or information about me as an Artisan?

Unfortunately not. In order to be accepted as a true Artisan of handmade products, we need to be able to see the beautiful products you make and be able to know a little bit about how your products are made.

Do I need to provide professional images of my products in order to be selected?

The better the quality of photographs of your products, the easier this will be for the customer to see the true beauty. Within the registration form we provide a guide of the type and size of photography we need for you to upload.

Do you accept items that are not specifically handmade or for the home?

All items on our site need to be handmade, and at present, they need to be for the home. We may in the future increase our offering and include other items, but for now our focus is in the home, as this is the place we cherish the most!

Do you accept Artisans from any country?

Yes, yes and yes! The more true Artisans the merrier. We want to showcase the best from around the world, using different traditions of handmade craftsmanship.

Do the Artisans manage the delivery of the products ordered?

Artisans are able to set their delivery prices per product type within our Content Management System. If a customer places an order of an Artisans product, the delivery price that is set will be added to the customers order (as an additional charge to the product price). It is important to set fair and reasonable delivery prices to make sure this covers shipping costs, as well as offering a fair price for our customers.

What if I don’t use the HoA branding when sending the product?

Upon sign-up and your first confirmed order, HoA will send you a Welcome Pack within the post that will provide you with the branding you need in order to pack the customers order. By using our branded packaging, it means the customer will recognise their order from the HoA delivery driver when it arrives.

What if I am not physically available to give the packed product to the HoA driver?

If you are not available at any time, you can ‘switch off’ your account within the website, so that orders cannot be placed whilst you are not available.

Alternatively, why not get a lending hand and ask someone to help you pack the items and give these to the HoA delivery driver? It would be a shame not to showcase your story and beautiful products to our customers everyday of the week!

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