Hand Painted Wooden Lamp in Green and Brown

This lamp is turned out of lime wood on a lathe in two parts which are joined prior to painting. Then the slower process of building up the colours begins, which are painted on the spinning lathe and I keep painting until I feel that it has reached a point where the colours sit together harmoniously. For this lamp I turn the lather off and peacefully paint the vertical lines by hand. A wax polish is applied and then it is wired with quality components as described above. The construction of this lamp has been approved by the lighting association.

A new painted treatment of a familiar shape, this lamp is painted in a base layer of a soft muted green then painted with thin ink brown pin stripes which describe the shape beautifully before splaying out into my popular skirt motif. An off white bobbin with thin grey lines is wound with pink thread and above that a decorative section at the very top painted in two tones of a washy earth browns with thin black lines and green dots it reminds me of a dial on an old radio.

Included is a 20cm plain linen shade.

Nickel safety switched lamp holder and approx. 2m of brown cable with a black plug.

Made to order: 2-4 weeks


Made to order

About the Artisan

Sarah Lock Lighting

Born out of a need to make use of some very large pieces of waste timber from a furniture making business , I have been making table lamps on a lathe in one corner of a triangular workshop in Brighton for quite some time. Today I still make use of waste timber such as oak and walnut and if I am lucky sometimes cherry , but most of my lamps are turned out of...

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