My name is Magdi and I live in Budapest (Hungary). I'm an art doll maker, and my specialty is the custom requested personalised dolls, caricature dolls. I started my shop in 2013, all of my creatures reflecting my individuality. I create the designs, the pattern and then I sew the dolls in two sizes.

Based on real people and their photos, my custom-made "Selfie Dolls” are 30 cm sized fabric dolls (approximately 12 inches). I also make "Selfie Dolls” in "giant” sizes where the finished dolls are 58-60 cm tall (roughly 23 inches). Their legs are movable so they could be positioned seated. The proportions of the "giant” dolls are somewhat closer to the human body, and because of their larger size, their clothing and appearance could be even more detailed than the one seen on smaller dolls. All are unique and maintain caricature-like features.



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