Rangreet School of Art

The Miniature Painting has been the splendor and grander of the Mugal Court, India. Miniature paintings renowned as an exclusive art of Rajasthan. The artisans have created newer dimensions with great skill introducing multifarious styles towards furtherance of the art . The Art patronized by the emperors and rulers flourished abundantly, depicting the culture and heritage. 

Ramu Ramdev was born in Jaipur, India. This traditional Art technique he learnt from his father and other family members. He has since specialised with perfection this traditional style of Indian painting, which he has been creating now for 30 years. 

His work and his efforts have been seen and praised by leading personalities across the world. Charles, Prince of Wales; his wife Camilla, Pakistan’s Former P.M. Benajeer Bhutto, U.S. Ambassador in India, are just a few names from those that love this Indian art technique.

Since 1998 the family members have been National Award winners. Shri Ramu Ramdev and Shri Govind Ramdev (are Ramu Ramdev's bothers) who received a National Award in 2010, Presented by the President of India. Ramu Ramdev also received the State Award in 1998-99, for excellence in Miniature Painting.

In 1996 Ramu established “Rangreet" school of art, with the aim of preserving the “traditional Indian miniature art” by teaching it to thousands of young artists and honoring the great artists to come forward and make an effort in the same direction. The school organises artistic camps for traditional Indian miniature paintings; hosts numerous workshops; organises conferences; as well as honors master artists and encouraging new talents.

In between his paintings, Ramu is currently working as an Officer on Special Duty for Art & Culture & Public Relations, Maharaja Sawai Mansingh II Museum in combination with The City Palace Jaipur.

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