Rosario Romano Ceramic Sculptor

Rosario graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Uruguay in 1991… since then her work has been found in private collections, and exhibited in art galleries throughout Uruguay, Paris, Italy and New York.

When not creating her pieces, she spends time educating students on the subject of her craft throughout Uruguay and Europe.

Rosario's work highlights the natural texture of materials and colours that best define shapes and volumes. Rosario presents us with a language where the formal beauty and grace of expression are alternated in a rich aesthetic experience.

The technique varies throughout her works. Using clays, she turns them into either shades of grey or terracota, using her own pastes and enamels, oxide patinas, smoke reserves, and sometimes applying alternative techniques, such as 'Raku'.

Behind her work lies years of formation as a fine artist. She has spent many years researching and investigating subjects and the history behind ceramic sculpture.

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