SJR Ceramics

Samantha creates a range of functional earthenware wheel thrown and press moulded tableware including mugs, jugs, bowls, platters and jars.

The functionality of an object is of great importance to Samantha and this is reflected in both the choice of making processes and the style of work she creates. Work is decorated using coloured decorating slips which are applied to the surface with a combination of brushwork, sponging and slip trailing.

Samantha enjoys the process of decorating work with repeat patterns using slip which enhances the layering and painterly quality of the material. White earthenware and terracotta clay are used as they exploit the richness and warmth of the coloured decorating slips, in combination with transparent and honey glazes.

Samantha’s influences for her work derive from interests such as English country slipware, the natural environment and 1950s textiles.

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